Why Should You Be Using Luxury Vinyl Flooring (LVT)

Why Should You Be Using Luxury Vinyl Flooring (LVT)

Posted by Sainsbury & Sons on 3rd Nov 2022

The flooring in your home can often be overlooked in favour of flashier furniture and fittings, however, with the right flooring type you can transform the feel of any room. While natural wood floors and carpets remain the most popular flooring choices on the market, another option has become a go-to for homes and retail spaces alike.

So, what is LVT flooring? Luxury vinyl tile, or LVT, is a perfect choice for anyone that wants the look of real wood and tile flooring, without any of the upkeep solid wood requires. LVT uses planks of laminate flooring to replicate the look and feel of natural materials and is a fantastic alternative that is cost-effective and resilient.

If you've been looking for flooring options to give your home a new style foundation, we have all the info you need to find the ideal fit. In this blog, we're exploring all the options luxury vinyl planks have to offer.

The Best Of Both Worlds

Perhaps the biggest draw of LVT flooring is that you can enjoy all the aesthetic value of wooden flooring and ceramic tiles without any of the drawbacks. While hardwood floors are undeniably sophisticated, they can come with their own issues.

We believe that getting the home of your dreams shouldn't be a hassle - and LVT deftly balances fashion and function. Keeping LVT in great condition is as simple as light upkeep and when it comes to how to clean LVT flooring, using the products recommended by the flooring provider is all that's required.

With its tenacity against scuffing your floors will go the distance, and even in the worst-case scenario of replacing parts of flooring, it’s easy and affordable to patch up LVT.

With everything from using products that aren't specially designed for wood, pets and even high heels; your lifestyle isn’t always compatible with the demanding upkeep of wooden flooring. Vinyl gives you the freedom to not worry about the state of your floors and lets you enjoy the best aspects.

Excellent Durability

Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Prone to suffering from scrapes and scuffs and expanding and shrinking depending on the weather, wood flooring isn’t always designed with durability in mind. Keeping your floors perfect is easier said than done, and keeping them free from any blemishes can be a difficult task.

Artfully arranging stools or rugs over marks is all well and good, but LVT nips the problem in the bud before it’s even an issue. Luckily for bustling homes, luxury vinyl flooring features additional layers of protection that protect it from stains, spills and scratches.

While wooden floors struggle with temperature changes, LVT can handle underfloor heating up to 20°C. There’s really nothing these tiles can’t handle, which is why they’re such a good option for flooring that’s both durable and stylish. Many people looking for new floors ask is LVT better than wood flooring, and in terms of durability, luxury vinyl tiles are an excellent choice.

Moisture can be incredibly damaging to natural wood since it tends to absorb water over time. Water damage is more common than you’d think and can lead to warping or even mould. Vinyl, however, is water-resistant This means that LVT can be used in all living spaces, unlike wooden floors, which aren’t suited to bathrooms and kitchens.

Chic And Cost-Effective

LVT Flooring

While real and engineered wood flooring can be costly both to buy and install, LVT is more affordable compared to other floor options. In particular, hiring professionals to fit hardwood can be expensive since it’s often installed directly onto sub-flooring.

LVT gives the high-end look hardwood is so loved for, while also remaining cost-effective in comparison. Even the installation process is much quicker, letting you get the same look in less time and at a lower cost.

Luxury vinyl tiles can even be fitted onto not just your subfloor, but onto old tiles. LVT is forgiving on uneven surfaces and can help you save money on removal costs. Hardwood varies quite dramatically in price depending on the look you want for your home, and of course, unfinished wood can also bump up the cost of your installation.

A Versatile Range Of Styles

Another big plus that comes with luxury vinyl planks is how many different styles of flooring they can achieve. LVT comes in a wide range of different types, from bright tiles to replica wood flooring. Even better, due to how easy their simple installation process they can be laid in a variety of different patterns.

Here at Sainsbury & Sons, we have been a go-to for flooring in Aberdeen for decades. Our floor fitting service has worked with LVT in many different homes, and we know first-hand how incredible it can look.

Classic Hallway Tiles With A Twist

LVT Luxury Vinyl Tile

Furnishing your entryway with tile is a wonderful way to open up your home with a stunning first impression. Hallways see quite a bit of traffic, which is why LVT is ideally suited to entryways and mudrooms.

This installation was achieved using Invictus Victorian Treasure in charcoal, which gives classic porcelain a contemporary look. Perfectly in tune with the black fixtures of the home, our flooring specialists gave this hallway a complete transformation.

How We Got The Look Of Herringbone

LVT Floors

Herringbone has seen a recent resurgence in popularity, and its timeless elegance is more en vogue than ever. LVT herringbone flooring adds an interesting texture to your decor, and have an understated yet unmissable look.

One of our lovely clients, Dawn, opted for herringbone in her living room - with stunning results. The pale wood complements the decor wonderfully, and the LVT offered a seamless installation that achieves the impression of solid wood.

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