Top Interior Design Trends To Watch Out For In 2023

Top Interior Design Trends To Watch Out For In 2023

Posted by Emily Lawrence | BSPOQ on 26th Jan 2023

The new year has arrived, and many of us are busy making resolutions. There's no better time to make positive changes, but what about your home? The yearly Christmas decoration removal can leave your home a little gloomy, so why not put a home refresh on your resolution list?

One of the best parts of welcoming a new year is looking forward to all the interior design inspiration that comes with it, and if you like to stay on top of the trends, then we have it covered. We've collected our favourite home decor trends 2023 has in store, and how you can incorporate them into your interiors.

Statement Lamps


Cosy and chic, lamps are the perfect way to bring a welcoming atmosphere to living rooms and home offices alike. While a good lamp is always essential, statement lamps are set to be a trend for homes in 2023.

Eye-catching pendant lamps positioned above tables are a wonderful way to elevate your dining spaces, particularly with one as glamorous as this hanging lantern. You can also add some style to your side tables with a unique table lamp. Interior designers highlight that linen shades and ceramic details are set to rise in popularity, and incorporating these simple details goes a long way toward on-trend decor.

Sommelier Style

Wine Shelves

Following a year and then some of the lockdowns, a big trend with modern homes has been including multi-functional spaces. Some room ideas have been closet offices and crafting corners, and in 2023, wine rooms are the next big thing.

Interior designer and founder of Studio 11 design Kellie Sirna predicts that wine rooms will be on the rise, and surprisingly, you don't need a lot of square footage to pull one off. While this home trend sounds very lofty, including some shelving that shows off your wine collection and including some ambient lighting is all it takes to upgrade your entertaining skills.

A simple cabinet instantly gives your home an indulgent yet functional touch. A bar cabinet is another stunning option, which is an excellent addition to your home. With plenty of space for a seasoned collector, this cabinet is a touch of luxury for any occasion.

Hallway Transformations

Hallway Tiles

Your entryway is the first impression people get when visiting, and the room that welcomes you home after a long day. These spaces are often neglected, but according to Pinterest, are coming into the spotlight in 2023. Decluttering your entryway is essential, and investing in a handy coat and shoe rack is the first step to a flawless foyer.

While a smaller space, the right touches can have a big impact on your decorating scheme. Perhaps one of our favourite interior design trends for 2023, there are many different options to elevate your entryway. You might consider painting your front door with high gloss paint in an arresting red or a moody deep green.

Another way to breathe new life into your hallways is with the right flooring. Luxury vinyl tile allows for intricate design ideas and perfect practicality, and we used LVT to create this stunning floor for one of our clients

Natural Materials

Oak Console Table

Many of the interior design trends of the last few years have taken inspiration from the natural world. Green is still a firm favourite for home accessories and colour schemes, and for furniture, raw materials are set to dominate interior trends.

From  warm oak to rustic basket weave, taking notes from nature is the key to on-trend decor. Another big plus of this trend is the long-lasting benefit wood has in terms of style and durability. Warm-toned browns are another design element experts say is on the rise, and a light oak coffee table is an excellent choice.

One way to give your home depth is by utilising natural materials with interesting textures, such as cork or linen, to add fresh layers to your home.

French Country Style

French Country Bedroom

Another trend that takes inspiration from a more rustic source is French country-style  design, which is ideal for a bedroom makeover. 2023 is set to be the year of warm neutrals and a more understated colour palette for bedrooms.

This design trend brings a comforting warmth to bedrooms and is a chic twist on the homespun aesthetic. To incorporate this trend into your own decor, avoid bold colours and harsh lines, and instead opt for subtle shades of pastel and neutrals paired with pale wood furniture.

Versatile Vases


Sustainability is behind many of the home trends 2023 has to offer, with interior designers suggesting longer-lasting decor over seasonal accessories.  Vases are a perfect example of this, with sturdier pieces made from glass and ceramic stepping into the spotlight. Interesting vases give your shelves a focal point and are an excellent way to make a statement.

Curved Furniture

Round Coffee Table

While modern design elements have been all about sharp angular lines, 2023 is set to take us in the opposite direction. Curved lines and softer edges give a calming effect, with a more organic feel in line with the rest of the trends on our list. To try out this trend, opt for smooth and rounded corners for sofas, and try out  circular pieces for a softer centrepiece.