How To Choose A Sofa That Lasts - Our Sofa Buying Guide

How To Choose A Sofa That Lasts - Our Sofa Buying Guide

Posted by Emily Lawrence | BSPOQ on 12th Dec 2022

Whether you’re replacing a much-loved but much-used settee or are buying a couch for the very first time, knowing how to choose a good sofa is essential. The focal point of your living room should be of good quality - comfortable and chic with enough room to unwind and destress. With so many sofa styles available, narrowing down your options and finding your perfect match can be tricky - especially when buying a sofa online.

From the fabric to the style, there's a lot to consider when selecting a new sofa. So, we're making the search simple, with the Sainsbury & Sons sofa buying guide! No matter if you're watching TV or catching up with your loved ones, we'll find you the right sofa for your home.

Measuring Your Living Space

We love spontaneous shopping, but buying a new sofa isn't something you can do on the fly. In particular, measuring your space before you order is a definite must! You should always keep your measurements in mind while browsing.

You might be tempted to estimate (or even guess) the dimensions of your living room, however, getting out the tape measure gives you a better idea of the space you have to work with. After all, purchasing a quality sofa that will last the test of time is a commitment so why not take the time to make sure it's a perfect fit?

If you're more of a visual person and want a clearer view of what your new purchase could look like, mark out the space with masking tape. You could also fill the taped space with newspaper, so you can see exactly how much floor space the sofa will take up.

Leave yourself enough room to move around your living room comfortably, and make sure to plan around any obstacles. Another vital aspect people often forget about is the shapes and sizes of your doors, as the last thing you want is for your sofa to arrive and not fit.

What Size Of Sofa Should You Buy?

The Snuggler & Two Seater Sofas:

If you're working with a space shortage, a chic and compact two-seater is an excellent option. The ideal choice for snug spaces, these small sofas offer enough plush seating space to comfortably sit two. Whether you're pairing a snuggler with a larger model or need a sofa that won't take up too much space - this size is sure to be a perfect fit.

Three Seater & Four Seater Sofas

For families and dedicated loungers alike, big sofas are the staple of any home. With plenty of room for the whole family and visitors, a big sofa is the best way to unwind. With a wide variety of fabrics and styles to choose from, finding a set that matches your decor is simple.

Corner Sofas

A corner suite or modular sofa is the perfect way to spend a cosy evening, and have more than enough space for visitors. With compact and sprawling options available, corner blocks are a fabulous way to customise your seating. 

2 Seater Sofas 3 And 4 Seater Sofas Corner Sofas

What Styles Of Sofa Are There?

Once you’ve decided on the size of your sofa, you can move on to the really fun part - choosing what style of sofa will complement your home best. There are many elements to consider, and the smallest detail can set your sofa apart.

Sofa Backs

The back of your sofa is important, as the type you go for will change the feel of the entire couch. Whether you prefer a soft and squishy sofa you can sink into, or prefer a firmer and more supportive couch - the back is what will make or break your experience.

Fixed Back Sofas
  • Usually creates a sleeker effect
  • Offers firmer seating, perfect for bench-style sofas
  • Always looks neat, with no cushion fluffing required
Cushion Back Sofa
  • The most common type of sofa
  • Seat cushions can usually be reversed or fluffed after time
  • These sofas offer a plush seating experience
Scatter Back Sofa
  • The upholstered back is hidden by feather-filling cushions
  • Scattered cushions offer a more informal style, and are incredibly comfy
  • Fluffing these cushions can be done regularly to keep them in good shape.

Sofa Legs

While the feet of your sofa might not seem like a big deal in the grand scheme of things, different sofa leg types can completely change the overall look of your sofa. Depending on the type of effect you would like your new sofa to have, it's worth paying close attention to the feet.

Glide Leg Sofas

Glide feet sofas completely conceal the legs, and make the sofa much easier to move. The valance is usually incorporated into the design and doesn't leave any room underneath the sofa itself.

Sabre Leg Sofas

One of the most popular styles of modern sofa legs at the moment is Sabre Legs, and they give a sleek and contemporary effect with curved wooden legs.

Plinth Leg Sofas

Another contemporary type of sofa leg that's very popular at the moment is plinth leg sofas, which offer a subtle twist on glide sofas - almost as if the couch is built on a platform.

While these are three of the most popular, there are plenty of styles to choose from. Stiletto legs are a sharper alternative to sabre legs, and are usually made of metal. Castor legs feature wheels as feet and make your sofa much easier to manoeuvre. Low-turned legs are rounded and wooden, which offer a chic twist on a classic style.

Leather Sofa Or Fabric Sofa?

Bergen Sofa

When it comes to choosing the upholstery fabric for your sofa, there are a few things to take into consideration before you make the plunge. Each option offers its own unique benefits, and it's worth doing your research - particularly on upkeep!

Leather Sofas

Stylish and sleek, a leather sofa is a wonderful way to add a touch of sophistication to your lounge. An amazingly durable piece of upholstery - leather sofas are known for being incredibly long-lasting and easy to clean. If you have a busy family home and need a sofa that can handle spills then a leather sofa is your best bet.

Fabric Sofas

Chic and ever-so-cosy, a fabric sofa offers a wide variety of different types and colours of upholstery. No matter your decor, a fabric sofa can effortlessly fit in with your living room. Whether you go for the luxury look with velvet or keep it classic with tweed, there's a fabric for everyone.

Taking Care Of Your New Sofa

Once your sofa is here, taking care of it is seriously important. A new sofa is quite an investment, so it's worth the extra effort to look after it properly. Depending on the type of fabric your sofa is upholstered in, make sure to only use safe methods to keep it in good condition.

If you have a scatter cushion back, be sure to plump them regularly so they stay full and comfortable. Depending on the type of feet your sofa has, it may also be worth investing in felt pads, which can help avoid scrapes on your floor.